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I like to be creative, get inspired, discover and do! Now that I am trying to describe myself, I notice that this is quite difficult. I am an interior architect, photographer and yoga teacher. This may sound like a whole lot, but actually the professions were created by hobbies and I think it is great to combine all of them. I also enjoy traveling, discovering new cultures and stepping out of my normal life. Stepping out of normal life triggers me to answer questions like, what do I find important?


I might be a bit scared for the grind of life. I'm always busy with new challenges, life goals and can't sit still that well. Although I really love an evening, a day or a week of relaxing, I can't do this too long. The core values in my life are freedom and love. Freedom in the sense of being open to change, changing my plans, always, sometimes wanted, sometimes unwanted, but being ok with that. But also freedom in the sense of being open-minded, I try to have as few prejudices about people as possible. Don't let myself be hindered by beliefs from past experience. All of this is of course not always possible but that is ok, as long as I try. And love for life, the people around you and for yourself.





I always have different books, notes in my phone and loose papers with ideas. Goals I want to achieve in the coming year or just beautiful or crazy dreams. Since I am together with Emiel, we love to brainstorm together about everything we could do. Preferably with a glass of wine, on a nice spot and with a notebook to write everything down. For example, now on a nice summer evening on the beach, in front of our camper with some wonderful funk music and let's start dreaming! Seriously the best there is! Everything is possible!




I like photography so much because it freezes time. It is a way to record memories. And I love browsing through old photo books or, as I don't have my friends and family close to me, viewing photos from our daily lives to realize again how I love our lifes! Dear family and friends, I hope you are ok with all the crazy things that we always do. But know that we do this to become a better version of ourselves.




Traveling is great for me because I can learn about other perspectives, ways of living, languages and cultures. Not by simply having a holiday, seeing a resort from the inside but by talking to locals, not having plans and seeing how the day goes. Spending a longer time somewhere, going with the rhythm of a country, working somewhere and learning a language. Taking the small habits I like from everywhere and applying them in my own life (rituals, recipes, life goals etc).




A yoga teacher training was on my bucket list for 2018. For years I have had a love-hate relationship with sports. I never looked forward to it, although I always felt great after working out. It always come and go as the waves. Read sporting very intensively for 3 weeks and not going at all for the other 3 weeks. During my studies I always had a subscription at the gym and I tried as many different sports as possible, because noooo it should not get boring because otherwise I would stop immediately. I also did yoga occasionally, I liked it a lot but yoga was still just a sport for me. Until a few years ago, I had a very busy period at work. I was working on a number of projects and wanted to do this well and I couldn't spend less time on it. I had the feeling that I was losing myself a little. I was enjoying less. I think this was the moment for me. Yoga brought me back to the now. Just breath and realize what I feel at this moment. It's stopped me. Yoga greatly helps me to live in the moment, to stand still for a moment, to realize what I need at that moment, to learn to listen to myself. In addition, I still had some back pain from a surf accident a few years ago. I noticed that the more I practiced yoga, the less my back was bothering me! What a relief!

Since that time yoga has become an important factor in my life, I feel that I have gotten to know myself much better. And this is something I wish for everyone. That is why I have decided to share my love for yoga by teaching.


A long story short, I just do everything that makes me happy and this website is an overview of that.

I try to inspire people around me to do what makes them happy! This is my way!

With love, Anne