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DOUBLE TROUBLE! Being the interior architect and photographer of this amazing project!

This former factory building turned in to the new office for Nedap Healthcare, situated in the Nedap campus in Groenlo. Based on D/DOCK's Healing Office concept, the work environment became a dynamic work garden with a variety of creative hubs and flexible work spots. Complete with a new huge skylight, a community garden to relax, an open work area with different ways of seating, a lab wall with closed project rooms and a huge auditorium. The design is all about connectedness. Everywhere you are, you will have an overview of the space to see all your colleagues.

This was the first project were I was fully responsible for the whole project, since I started at D/DOCK. The pitch, design, planning, budget, client contact, styling and photography. Together with a great team we achieved something where I am really proud of. D/DOCK is a company which gives me so much opportunities, to get the best out of myself and to challenge me in every single way. It was AWESOME!

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