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Anne Noordink

24 years 


Wauw life, what a crazy thing. When I was a child I always imagined your brain working different while getting older. Not talking to you self anymore, more wiser maybe even slower and more boring. But I found out your way of thinking isn't a changing thing, which is super cool because this means your mind is unaged. 

Of course people are getting wiser, they learn how to deal with the mind. We are able to mold our brain in a way to become the person who we want to be. A more positive person for example. Which I think is a really interesting subject. 

'You are not who you think.. you are' :Eckhart Tolle 

For me life is about collecting beautiful moments, dreaming of more, and see what is happening right now. 
Once in a while I make a selection of the personal pictures I've made in that period. While doing this I realize how much I already experienced and how blessed I am. I think this is why I love photography so much. Photography gives the opportunity to make a visual timeline of life and your brain is able to combine this with your mood, feelings, thoughts, experiences. 



  • Travel the world, especially the relaxed cultures, I'm dreaming of South America right now.

  • While traveling document our journey and life.

  • I'd like to have a card which gives me the freedom to walk in to beautiful houses when I want, to see al those hidden city paradises.

- The feeling, in that moment –


Rather than posed or highly styled shots, I capture candid and spontaneous pictures of people, environment and action - in the moment. I love to shoot daily life, romantic love, important events, milestones etc. What makes a picture perfect for me? You experiencing that moment again by looking at it!


Besides my love for photography I also love architecture. Art academy sparked my interest for both professions. Being able to combine my work as an interior architect at D/DOCK with my freelance photography enables me to develop my creativity. Especially shooting daily life after working on large architecture projects makes me enjoy the little things in life. I want to inspire you to do the same.


Let’s get in contact and create together :) 

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