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This couple! They asked me to shoot their wedding exactly as it is. No staged poses in front of a tree or a traditional white dress, that's not who we are they said. During our conversations and of course during their wedding day I found out who they are. I couple with a lot of humor, a warm heart and a what you see is what you get mentality. I like it!

Mission completed. A really good day to celebrate their love with their loved ones. Selma even wore 2 dresses! The second dress made by herself! The ceremony took place in 'de Vier Pelikanen' where they got married by a close friend. After the ceremony it was time for the wedding cake (made by the bride!!). What I really loved is that we drove in busses to Amsterdam where the guests made their own dinner together with some amazing cooks!


And I just got a package in my mailbox with a book with photos and the recipes of the cake & the dinner! So sweet!!

Location: Kleintheater de Vier Pelikanen, Leeuwarden & de Kookfabriek, Amsterdam

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