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My first wedding to photograph!!!!! And the good news is: my second wedding was yesterday! Yay!!

In January I did the Inspire Sessions workshop from Hanke Arkenbout & Holly Marder. Over there I met lovely and experienced photographers. I shared my story and asked to assist/2nd shooter/help these photographers during a shoot or a wedding. And yes I'm a happy girl because I may join 3 photographers during a wedding this summer!! This all to develop my skills, to get more experience and most important to get more secure while shooting such an important day! During these days I help the photographers and shoot my own stuff.

First of these 3 weddings was the beautiful day of David & Alissa 28/05/2016

Whoa it was so cool, what a beautiful dress and what a lovely couple. What I like so much about a wedding is that everybody looks at their best and everybody is happy. There are so many beautiful moments to catch on such a day. And it is so special to experience this from so close as an photographer. So much love and happiness! I wish you all the best David & Alissa.

Anouk Wubs thanks a lot for letting me be your assistant!!

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