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'Maybe it won't work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.' 


Hi I’m Anne, a Dutch lifestyle & wedding photographer, with a special love for natural light. I love to shoot intimate / bohemian weddings. Besides that I really love to shoot real life. Everybody deserves good photos! To look back at, to save the good memories. My specialty is shooting real moments; the loud, the quiet, the happy unplanned, the adventure! I want to see the real you and the real you is shown the best in your own environment, in your home, your party, with your family or your love.

I started my photography business in the beginning of 2016. After a year of beautiful projects my boyfriend and I decided to chase our dream: travel the world. So that’s exactly what we are doing now, but we do not only want to travel, we want to experience. Learn a language, meet locals and maybe even work and live somewhere. We started our trip December 2016, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Traveling and my own photography business is a perfect combination: I’m a happy girl!

And if you are interested in my background a bit more, read this. And if not, don’t ;) I’m born in Enter, a small town in the east of Holland. I always knew I wanted to do something creative. Moving to Groningen was the best decision. Art Academy Minerva changed my view on life. I learned so much about creative processes, challenging myself and to chase my dreams. I studied interior architecture and photography.


After my study I got a job as an Interior Architect at D/DOCK in Amsterdam. D/DOCK is a great company with huge clients like Google, Facebook and Sonos. I really like working in teams, managing projects and having deadlines. But most of all, I love to develop solutions which help the client to perform better. At D/DOCK, I got the opportunity to do it all. So why start my own company? I believe the two strengthen each other and combining large scale interior projects with more personal, intimate photoshoots offers me the creative satisfaction I was longing for. That’s why ANNE NOOR was born.​

Enjoy! X Anne 

♥ Lifestyle photographer

♥ Traveler

♥ Crazy dancer

♥ Kickboxing & yoga 

♥ Good food lover

♥ Natural light

♥ Interior Architect

♥ Music always